Since the creation of the first grinder mixer in 1956, Art’s Way has grown through acquisitions and the ongoing development of its diverse product lines. Today, the company produces a range of products used by farmers around the world for feed processing, forage blending, land management, and harvesting.



Driven by our superior product and devotion to our customers, we're not just any choice of air reel solution, we're your choice. We simplified the concept of adding air to combine headers and capitalizing on the benefits of air across a wide range of crops. We listen to our dealers and customers and use their feedback to ensure our AWS Airbar continues to be the only solution they will ever need.


Our goal is to provide grain-handling alternatives to conventional systems with a focus on gentle handling at a high capacity with low maintenance. We manufacture for pulse crop, corn, bean and seed plant applications, and also create systems for grain and fertilizer handling.


The Bestway brand has built a reputation on quality and simplicity. Quality means solid construction, simple operations, and uncomplicated easy maintenance. Spraying should be easy. No matter what electronic magic or fancy features you like, the foundation of successful application is basic, solid equipment.


CID Skid Steer Attachments specializes in manufacturing high quality skid steer attachments. 



J&M Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of grain handling equipment for over 50 years. Located in the agricultural community of Ft. Recovery, Ohio, J&M has consistently provided innovative, dependable, and high quality products to farmers throughout the United States and Canada, as well as overseas.



Loftness’ lineup includes VMLogix vegetation management equipment, SnowLogix snow blower attachments, GrainLogix grain-bagging equipment, CropLogix crop residue equipment, and the recently launched FertiLogix line of fertilizer application and handling equipment.


With over 50 years of experience in the design and development of the Meyer's product manure spreaders, Meyer’s Equipment Manufacturing Corporation has the answer for your manure handling needs. They are committed to building a quality product at a fair price. When you purchase a Meyer's Box Spreader you can expect quality and dependability!



Remlinger Manufacturing has been producing farm equipment for over 49 years. The founder, Wilbur Remlinger had the simple philosphy of producing quality harrow attachments at a fair price to farmers in the area. From those humble beginnings in 1964, Remlinger has grown to a producer of a vast array of farm equipment, serving farmers all across the United States as well as around the globe.


Renn designs and manufacture's world-class Roller Mills, Hammer Mills (Grinders), Bagger Mills, Grain Baggers, and Grain Bag Unloaders.


Rite Way has long been known for its innovative designs in farm equipment that give farmers the quality and functionality they need -- at the prices they can afford. Rite Way engineers incorporate advanced technology, quality, strength and versatility when designing a piece of agricultural equipment.


Industry leader with a broad range of products such as tillers, rotary cutters, and disc harrows.


Specialists in the grain vac industry.


Whether you call it a bucket, a scoop, or a front-end loader, we've been designing the strongest and most reliable material handling solutions for nearly 80 years. Since 1934 farmers have chosen Westendorf as their reliable, American made, loader choice. Why? -- We have compact tractor loaders, general farm use tractor loaders, heavy duty loaders, and high lift loaders for stacking hay. Westendorf's full line of attachments and loaders for brush removal, dirt work and general farm applications fit nearly 18,000 makes and models of new and used tractors.



Over the last 60 years, Westfield has developed and refined the finest grain augers available. With a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation, Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior quality products. As a result, Westfield has grown to be the number one portable grain auger manufacturer in North America.


Wheatheart Manufacturing was established in 1973 and manufactures portable grain augers, grain handling accessories and post pounders.


Wil-Rich is known as the innovative leader in tillage equipment throughout North America and in various foreign markets. The Wil-Rich line of equipment includes secondary and primary tillage equipment such as cultivators and rippers, seeding and planting equipment and heavy-duty disc harrows.



With strength designed into every machine, Wishek disc harrows are heavy-duty machines that have  the heaviest weigh-per-blade specifications in the industry. This allows Wishek disc harrows to work in almost all soil conditions and crop residue. Disc gangs are set at an angle in order to mix residue regardless of field and residue conditions with just the right amount of soil to help create an ideal seed bed.


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